Similar to myself my portfolio is always growing and changing. This page is to help you navigate through it, as it develops more and more. At the moment, everything is easy to find through the menu bar. My first menu item is my “ABOUT ME” page. There you can find a short biography about me and my journey to Agnes Scott College. In addition, you will find details on some of the leadership qualities I have. The next menu item is “MY RESUME” page. There you will find my resume with an additional download option located at the top. Lastly, the following four menu items hold some of the work I have accomplished from freshman year until now. My “ART 144” page holds my current digital art course work. My “GLOBAL” page holds my description of a Guatemalan food item I was interested in prior to my travel there. My “LDR 102” page holds the beautiful question I someday hope to answer inspired by Warren Berger. My “LDR 101” page holds art analysis of the pieces we studied surrounding our topic of Mexican Muralism. I hope you efficiently find your way through my portfolio and learn a little bit more about who I am and the person I’m growing to be.